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Portrait of Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky

Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky

1884 - 1939

Art history: Avant-garde

Canvases of Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky [9 canvases]

Biography of Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky

Brodsky has studied at the Art School in Odessa (1896-1902) under Kostandi and Ladyzhensky, and at the Academy of Arts (1902-1908) under Miasoyedov, Zionglinsky and Repin. From early 1900s he took part in exhibitions including Academy of Arts, SRKh (Union of Russian Artists), TPKhV (Fellowship of Traveling Art Exhibitions – The Wanderers), World of Art, AKhRR (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia). He has studied abroad on a grant from the Academy of Arts, visiting Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain (1909-1911). Before the October Revolution of 1917, Brodsky was well-known as a landscape and portrait painter. He has developed a style, which he named "ajoure", his landscapes always have filigree-like finish. The artist's early creations are poetic and full of love of life. The Revolution has had a very strong influence on Brodsky, he became an absolutely different artist, his goal was now depicting the Revolution epoch and its great people. In 1924 he became a member of AKhRR (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia). The artist has sketched Lenin from life and produced the first "Leniniana", a series of works dedicated to Lenin, one of the most famous of which was "Lenin in the Smolny". From 1932 Brodsky has taught in the Repin INZhSA (Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Academy of Arts). His works were shown in London (1910, 1938), Rome (1911), New York (1924, 1929), Venice (1932), Sofia (1939). Brodsky has assembled a vast collection of works of art, a part of which is now presented in the Art Museum of Berdiansk and the rest in the famous Brodsky Memorial Apartment Museum, St Petersburg. Brodsky was one of the artists whose work provided a model for the Socialist Realism style.

Famous canvases of Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky:

Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich.
Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich.

Winter. Brodsky

Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Winter

Self-portrait with doughter. Brodsky

Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Self-portrait with doughter
Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich. Brodsky, Isaac Izrailevich.

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