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Matthias Grunewald

1473 W?rzburg - 31.08.1528 Halle

Art history: Renaissance

Short information:

Biography of Matthias Grunewald

Mathis Neithart or Nithart (he later called himself Gothart, and erroneously his name was changed into Gr?newald) is a German painter, born in 1470/80 supposedly in W?rzburg. Gr?newald, besides D?rer, is the most important representative of Northern painting at the turn of the 16th century. In 1509, he became court painter to archbishop Uriel von Gemmingen at Aschaffenburg, and supervised the rebuilding of the palace there. In 1516, he started on a fixed income at the court of the elector Albrecht von Brandenburg, where he worked as a painter and architect and also as a designer of fountains. He had to leave the post in 1520 because of his Lutheran convictions. His major works include the Isenheim Altar, long believed to be paint by D?rer; The Mocking of Christ (c.1503) and The Meeting of St. Erasmus and St. Maurice (c.1520-1524) and others. Gr?newald died in Halle in 1528.

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